Quality management

GreensTone Electronics has integrated a structure of quality management procedures to insure that a client’s final product meets the design specifications by managing the quality of each step of the production process from supplier selection, work-in-progress inspections, final inspections and customer service. These quality management procedures include:

• Supplier Evaluations and Audits
• Preliminary Contract Review
• Manufacturing Instruction Development
• Quality Control of Materials
• Manufacturing Process Controls
• Final Testing and Inspections
• Final Quality Audit • Customer Care Processes

Supplier Evaluations and Audits: The management of product quality begins with a quality supply chain. To verify the quality of parts, components and materials, GreensTone Electronics has assembled a quality team that evaluates its suppliers. On an annual cycle, this team evaluates and ranks current and prospective suppliers based upon objective and measurable standards such that they meet or exceed the material quality required by GreensTone’s management system. This evaluation extends into building relationships to not only develop them but also to determine ways in which suppliers can improve their material quality. GreensTone’s quality management system is based on the quality and environmental processes as prescribed by the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Preliminary Contract Review: To ensure GreensTone Electronics is capable of meeting the client’s requirements, it will review and corroborate that client’s requirements. This review includes an examination of the specifications, delivery requirements, as well as other technical and business factors.

Manufacturing Instruction Development: Based on GreensTone’s preliminary evaluations of materials and specifications via the client’s design data and other documents, it will develop a manufacturing datum from the design datum with CAM. Finally, The manufacturing datum will be used to develop the final Manufacturing Instruction (MI), which describes the actual manufacturing processes and technologies that GreensTone will use to produce the client’s products. The MI is prepared by an independent engineering firm and is subsequently reviewed by GreensTone’s manufacturing management and quality assurance engineers prior to the commencement of production. Before the first article of inspection, the drilling and routing datum is verified to guarantee that the documentation is valid and correct.

Quality Control of Materials: Prior to any incoming material entering into GreensTone’s warehouse, it tests the material using precision inspection instruments to verify the material is in satisfactory operating condition. After the materials are approved, they are entered into a material management system, which prioritizes the material in a first-in, first-out manner. This material management system has the capability of monitoring the expiration dates of materials. As the expiration date nears, the systems will warn the system operator. This insures materials are used within their acceptable shelf life.

Manufacturing Process Controls: To guarantee that products manufactured by GreensTone Electronics meet the client’s requirements and specifications, it uses not only the manufacturing instruction (MI), but also total equipment management & maintenance, accurate work-in-progress inspections, and working instructions to insure that the entire manufacturing processed is quality controlled. For its inspection processes, GreensTone applies precision testing instruments for AOI inspections, WIP inspections, and control plans.

Final Testing and Inspections: GreensTone conducts numerous tests to insure the final PCB assembly is correct and operational. These tests and inspections include physical and visual inspections, open/short tests, AOI inspections, X-ray inspection, and In-Circuit tests.

Final Quality Audits: Using a sampling system for the final quality audit (FQA), GreensTone inspects the final products relative to the client’s specifications

and requirements. Prior to shipment, all products must be audited per the FQA inspection per fabrication part number, client’s part number, quantity, address and packing list. All final products are approved prior to packing and shipment.

Customer Care Processes: Using a client-focused customer care team, GreensTone Electronics monitors the customer service and satisfaction and responds to all client feedback in a prompt manner. On occasion it will survey customers to learn about their experiences. Surveys and customer feedback help GreensTone make adjustments to improve customer service and satisfy all customers’ needs.


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