Prototype PCB Assembly

The benefits of GreensTone’s turn-key PCB assembly service can be utilized for clients who require a convenient, quick turnaround for the prototyping of printed circuit board designs. GreensTone is a global specialist in cost-effective prototype PCB assembly services. We have an in-house staff of seasoned experts who can take a client’s PCB designs from the parts sourcing, prototyping and assembly stages through a prototyped final product that can be shipped in typically two weeks if all the supporting documents are correct and there are no supply chain obstacles.

Our prototype PCB service is built upon the same processes of our hallmark turn-key PCB assembly service. We use the same in-house expertise and resources to prototype a PCB in limited amounts up to 25 printed circuit boards. Our prototyping team consists of solder techs, SMT-process engineers and parts sourcing associates.

Our supply team can source your parts from quality distributors, including obsolete or hard-to-find components. The time saving benefits of our supply team alone give our clients both convenience and enhanced productivity realizations. At the client’s request, our supply team will optimize the type of packaging (e.g., bulk, tubing, or tape, etc.) to decrease your costs for orders with a limited bill of materials. When required, we can prototype a client’s PCBs using a parts kit. In addition, we are able to cross-reference parts or components when your specific types are not available. All component substitutions are approved by the client prior to their ordering or use in an assembly process. The client always maintains control of the final product.

Our PCB prototype assembly processes enable clients to obtain even complex designs with GreensTone’s highly reliable Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) services that guarantee a prototype built per your specifications in a quality-controlled manner. We have developed assembly facilities specifically set up for proto assembly orders. These special facilities are flexible and permit the use of manual and/or automated component loading stations. Our facilities are capable of processing fine-pitch parts as well as ball grid arrays for high-density, FR-4 circuit boards.

After a client’s engineering documents are reviewed by GreensTone’s staff, and all parts sourcing issues resolved, prototype PCB fabrication commences after all components are procured. On-time delivery is a value we share with all of our customers. We make a concerted effort to communicate any engineering, parts or process issues with our customers. However, the assembly process usually takes about two weeks.

To obtain a quote, pls.send your bill of materials (BOM), Gerber files and prototype PCB quantity to We will process the quote within two business days.

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